In the shadow of Olympia’s 4th Avenue Bridge, defunct railroad tracks stretch out into the fog along their private peninsula in West Bay.  Douglas fir and madrona saplings sprout up between the railroad ties, and blue herons solemnly wait for prey.  The tide recedes twice per day, revealing a mile long swathe of barnacle encrusted rocks and mussel clusters.

     Mallard and wood ducks collect in the protected waters to the left, and cormorants dry their outstretched wings atop the century old pilings.  This unintentional wildlife sanctuary will be cleared for a new city park and trail in the coming years.  A fence was installed recently to bar the public from entry to this area.


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  1. I wonder if I could use this photo on a not-for-profit website about transitioning Olympia into a better future with less (oil, waste, energy).

    • Hey Matthew,

      Sounds good! My only request is that you inclue a photo credit for me.

      Is the photo large enough, or do you want me to email you a larger file size?


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