Guarding the gates at St. Martin’s Abbey graveyard stands Archangel Michael, sword unsheathed, and Archangel Gabriel, poised to sound his trumpet.  Interred within are 98 Brothers and Fathers that have served with the Order of Saint Benedict in Lacey, Washington.  

     The Order is a Catholic monastic tradition dating back 1400 years, and this Abbey was founded in 1895. At present, there are 37 monks vowed to St. Martin’s Abbey, many of whom work or teach at the college on site.  They often walk in small groups about the campus in their unmistakable black woolen cloaks.

     The graveyard sits in the forest behind the campus, enclosed and sheltered by fir trees.  A moss covered rock wall surrounds the site, and on winter mornings you can see to the frosty meadow below.  

   “Look for us the faithful, with the angels and the children, loudly praising the conqueror of death: Hosanna in the highest.” – from their Monastic liturgy



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