The old Delson Mill property lies on West Bay Drive, beside Budd Inlet in Olympia.  For decades, logs were hauled in, cut and stored on these acres.  The enormous stacks of lumber awaited shipment out by train, ship and truck.

     As with most of Olympia’s once booming timber industry, the operation is now closed.  The mill has been razed and the property is essentially empty, awaiting its new identity as a city park.

     Concrete has cracked with age, foundations lay bare and ironworks have rusted.  Moss, broken seashells and glass have nestled into the contours of the ruins, creating their own intricate designs.  

    As you walk the area, the eye is drawn to a surprising number of circles and squares; highlights in this gallery of accidental collaborations between what man left behind and nature filled in.  

     These photos are an exploration of the simple, reassuring geometry that can exist on a disturbed landscape no longer what it was, and not yet what it will be.




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